• Careers Linked to High Divorce Rates Among Young People
  • September 14, 2017
  • For most people, family and work are the two most central aspects of life. Therefore, it is no surprise that one can influence the other. Studies have found that careers can have a major effect on divorce rates, with certain occupations having a notably higher rate of divorce by age 30 than others. Frequently, demanding professions that involve a significant amount of time away from home, a hazardous workplace, or insufficient pay are found to lead to marital strife and eventually, divorce.

    Occupations with the Highest Rate of Divorce by Age 30

    Particularly high rates of divorce come from jobs with high stress and/or low pay, including:

    First-line enlisted military supervisors
    Automotive service technicians and mechanics
    Military-enlisted tactical operations and air weapons
    Military Careers and Divorce

    Of the occupations with the highest divorce rate among younger individuals, three of the top 10 jobs listed were military careers. First-line enlisted military supervisors took the top spot, with a divorce rate of 30 percent, with military workers of all ranks having a rate of 15 percent by age 30. Some analysts have cited the dangers inherent in military service as a stress factor on marriage. Additionally, military service can call for significant amounts of time spent away from the home, and depending on the ranking or position served, pay can be insufficient.

    Time Away Leads to Strained Marriages

    Statistics favor time spent away from home as a major factor in divorce. A study published in the Journal of Population Economics found that divorce rates increased significantly for each month that spouses spent apart. According to data from the Armed Forces Health Surveillance Branch, military members who have been deployed have higher divorce rates than those who have not. The divorce rates for different branches of the military are:

    6 percent for the U.S. Air Force
    52 percent for the Navy
    9 percent for the Marines
    48 percent for the Army
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