• Lawmakers Hoping to Ease Gender Changes on Birth Certificates
  • January 25, 2018
  • In New Jersey, lawmakers are proposing to make it easier for transgender individuals to file a gender change on their birth certificates. On Monday, the Senate health committee unanimously passed legislation that allows individuals to change their gender on their birth certificates without the approval or assistance of medical professionals. Currently, the law stipulates that a doctor must certify that the transgender individual has had gender-reassignment surgery to legally change the gender on the certificate. Unfortunately, in some instances, this excludes individuals who cannot afford the surgery or do not plan to go through with it. Since 2013, this issue has been debated among New Jersey lawmakers, and, ultimately, bills that were jointly passed received vetoes from former Governor Chris Christie. Lawmakers hope that since newly inaugurated Governor Phil Murphy received much support from the LGBT community that the proposed bill will become law.

    If the proposed law regarding easing the guidelines for gender change on birth certificates goes through, New Jersey’s records system would become one of the most progressive in the nation. Not only would this permit transgendered individuals to officially change their gender, it would streamline the ability for their personal legal documents to become uniform and eliminate unnecessary confusion when applying for a passport or another official document.

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