• Prenuptial Agreements
  • April 9, 2018
  • Engaged couples often do not want to discuss prenuptial agreements because they feel that it will be an uncomfortable conversation. However, it is important to have this discussion and prepare for the future.

    Most people are aware that approximately 40 to 50 percent of married couples in this country end up divorcing. But asking your fiancé to discuss a prenuptial agreement could make them feel insulted or angry, and this is why couples just do not talk about it. Agreeing to marry your significant other and planning a wedding is stressful enough without having to consider the possibility of a future divorce.

    Ignoring the facts does not change the statistics, though. This country has a high divorce rate, and your chances for a divorce in the future are considerable.

    Every engaged couple should consult with an experienced family lawyer about the need for a prenuptial agreement. Now is the best time to have this conversation, because you and your intended are experiencing one of the happiest times of your shared lives. Getting this out of the way now, while you are close and loving with each other, is better than waiting until after possibly irreconcilable problems occur.

    Advantages of Creating a Prenuptial Agreement
    Creating a prenuptial agreement at this early stage makes sense when couples look at it from a logical standpoint rather than an emotional one. It is not an insult or a bad omen; it is actually a way to get to know one another and become closer. Consider it an opportunity to share your expectations about marriage, how you can deal with life changes, your professional lives, and other plans for the future.

    Some of these issues might be difficult to talk about in a young relationship, but these are all things that married couples go through. They are going to come up at some point during your shared lives together. Open communication is the one of the important factors of a healthy relationship, and identifying underlying issues and resolving them can only benefit you both.

    Prenuptial Agreements in New Jersey
    In the State of New Jersey, the topics that are covered by prenuptial agreements include financial issues such as joint and separate property, spousal support, wills and trusts. Matters regarding children such as child support or custody cannot be decided on in premarital agreements.

    Having a talk with your intended about a prenuptial agreement prior to marriage makes sense when done from the right perspective. If you still feel hesitant, it is good to recognize that once you are married, the premarital agreement can be revised or withdrawn with a written agreement signed by both spouses.

    When drafted correctly, prenuptial agreements can save divorcing couples tremendous emotional and financial expense. They also can help you avoid going to court during the divorce process. It is advisable that both spouses consult with a divorce lawyer before entering into a prenuptial agreement.

    South Jersey Divorce Lawyers at Kearney & Martone, P.C. Help Clients Draft and Enforce Prenuptial Agreements
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