• Hurricane Harvey – Prescription Medication Coverages
  • October 10, 2017
  • Governor Greg Abbott issued a proclamation declaring a disaster due to the effects of Hurricane Harvey. The proclamation directs that all necessary measures, both public and private, as authorized under ยง418.017 of the Texas Government Code, be implemented to meet that threat.

    President Donald Trump issued a major disaster declaration and ordered federal aid to supplement state and local recovery efforts in the area affected by Hurricane Harvey.

    With the relocation of hurricane victims and other personal hardships sustained by residents of counties covered in the governor's proclamations, regardless of where those residents have temporarily relocated, many insureds, enrollees, and certificate holders will be away from their residence locations and health care service areas. It is the opinion of the Texas Department of Insurance that all health insurers and health maintenance organizations that provide prescription medication coverage as part of any policy, certificate, or evidence of coverage should, through the duration of the governor's proclamations, authorize payment to pharmacies for up to a ninety day supply of any prescription medication for individuals regardless of the date upon which the prescription had most recently been filled.