• Video in A Personal Injury Case
  • October 10, 2017
  • In 2015, Austinites watched in horror when a dash cam video showed the entirety of a gravel truck accident. The video shows the gravel truck coming out of the corner of the screen, careening down a steep hill in west Austin's 360 area.

    The video shows all three vehicles being hit as the gravel truck crosses all six lanes of 2222. Now, the video has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times. It also acted as a significant piece of evidence when Justin McMinn represented crash victim, D. Nelson.

    Justin McMinn of McMinn Law Firm used the video evidence to illustrate how the truck lost its ability to brake.

    At McMinn Law Firm we know first hand how important video footage of an event can be in proving the facts of the case. Video footage can be taken by witness of an accident, or by surveillance footage for instance at a business.

    Many businesses maintain video footage on the premises of their property. They may do so in order to prevent theft from visitors, their own employees, or simply as a caution to potential robbers. Some states and municipalities even require public places to install low cost surveillance video. They do so because:

    1. It can deter theft - a criminal may rethink their dangerous actions if there's a greater chance they will get caught.
    2. Cameras can provide a great source of evidence after a crime if one occurs.

    Although video can be extremely useful in a personal injury case, acquiring it isn't always always an easy task. A personal injury attorney and their office can assist in securing the valuable evidence in a timely manner.

    Find out more about video surveillance, video footage and how it plays an integral role in modern personal injury practice.