• Recovering Lost Work Wages After a Car Accident
  • October 17, 2017
  • Accidents Put People out of Work

    Accidents that come with injuries make things difficult and complicated for accident victims and their employers. An organization or company still has to operate with or without the accident victim. Depending on the injuries from the accident and the physical requirements of the job, a motor vehicle accident can leave someone out of work for many months, sometimes years.

    Even if you were just out of work for a few weeks you should consult with one of our lawyers to see how you can recover your lost wages.

    How Insurance Companies Avoid Paying for Lost Wages

    Insurance companies want to only cover the “immediate” damages of a motor vehicle accident. “Immediate”, meaning they would like to just view the cost of the damages from what’s seen at the accident scene. The scene of the accident doesn’t show the cost of the medical bills, the lost wages, or even the emotional damages the resulting from the accident. It’s a very logical approach and, unfortunately, many accident victims take the quick check from the insurance company and accept everything else as a loss. Over time, the damages from the scene of the accident could rise, costing the accident victim thousands of dollars in the end.

    The Cost of Damages from Lost Wages

    Once an accident takes away the income from an accident victim, other financial damages start to occur. Bills still need to be paid and most lenders aren’t patient. This forces the accident victim into their savings account or investment funds, if they have them. And if not, which is common, an accident victim will occasionally be evicted or will lose their home, miss credit card payments, and other loans. This results in more financial damages, all from an accident that may have not been their fault. In situations like this, you’ll want a good accident lawyer to stand on your side.

    Sick Time or Vacation (PTO) Used After an Accident

    If your employer was liberal with sick time or a paid vacation after an accident, you’ll want to speak with one of our lawyers to see if that time can still be compensated for. It’s not fair if you lost your vacation time for the year for an accident that was not your fault.

    If you’re in a situation where you were recently in an accident, are hurt, and are not sure if you should use your vacation time or sick time, you’ll want to consult with our law firm.

    Non-Paid Medical Leave After a Car Accident

    Employers will occasionally place their employees who were just in a motor vehicle accident on medical leave. The problem is that these individuals will often lose wages since medical leave is often unpaid. In these situations, you’ll want to document all the days that were missed.

    Self Employed Car Accident Victims

    If you’re self employed and you’re unable to work because of the injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident, it can be a little more challenging to cover damages, but it’s still possible to recover the lost income. If your business can operate successfully without you, it can be a little more challenging identifying any lost income from the accident. If your presence is vital, your lawyer will work with you on what papers you’ll need to recover the lost money.

    Career-Ending Injuries

    Career-ending injuries happen from motor vehicle accidents. If your career ends from an automobile accident, you’ll need a lawyer to help you retrieve the remainder of years of income in compensation. This can include covering pay raises and the cost of benefits that were offered in your profession.

    Consulting With a Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer is Free - Losing Wages from an Accident is Expensive

    Don’t just accept a financial loss from your employment because of a motor vehicle accident. Meet with one of our lawyers here at Millar and Mixon and see what options you have in recovering your lost income.