• The most exorbitant personal injury lawsuits filed
  • March 15, 2019
  • The most exorbitant personal injury lawsuits filed

    Lots of interesting cases make it to lawyers desks. Some of which are outrageous. A lot of these cases have legitimate claims. Others cases have monetary incentives and lack of legitimacy. Uncommon claims include injuries sustained from hot coffee, fatty burgers, manufactured tables and chairs, feeling scared at an amusement park, etc. The case that opened the window for such cases is the 1992 McDonald’s Hot Coffee lawsuit. The 1992 lawsuit resulted in rewarding $2.86 million to the plaintiff. The plaintiff claimed injuries caused by burns due to dangerously hot coffee from McDonald’s. Here are some of more bizarre cases filed:

    Car accident and McDonald’s Shake and French fries

    A claim was filed in New Jersey against McDonald’. The plaintiff was at the drive-thru after ordering milkshake and fries. He hit another car as he reached to his fries and milkshake exploded. The driver argued McDonald’s is liable for the damages because they were negligent to warn against eating and driving. This case made it to the Supreme Court but was eventually dismissed. The plaintiff did not collect any punitive damages.

    Eye injury and Victoria’s Secret lingerie

    In California, a police officer filed a lawsuit for damages sustained to her cornea caused by lingerie’s flying clip. The lady was trying on a tight undergarment when a metal clip flew off and hit her eye. The metal cut her cornea which needed a topical steroid treatment. The plaintiff filed a lawsuit with Los Angeles Superior Court to recover for her damages.

    Head injury and NBC show

    A man sued NBC while watching the “Fear Factor” show on TV. He claimed that watching contestants eat rats made him sick and hit his head after feeling dizzy and running into a door. The plaintiff asked for $2.5 million for his head injuries and pain and suffering. NBC was found not liable and he lost his case.

    Cable car accident causes nymphomania

    A woman claimed a minor accident on a cable car resulted in nymphomania. She sustained bumps and bruises. She claimed an unusual sex drive after the accident. The jury recognized the case as the first post traumatic stress disorder case, and awarded her $50,000 for her damages.

    Injuries and emotional distress due to Universal Studios Horror nights

    Would Universal Studios be liable for adrenaline rush caused by its annual horror nights? A woman sued NBCUniversal Inc. for being terrorized by a character and intending to cause physical harm. Representing a horror movie character, the employee was accused for hitting her and causing eye injury. She also claimed the terror resulted in loss of earning and financial hurdles due to the emotional distress and medical treatments. The case has not been settled yet. And there are many parties at stake: the employee, the employer, trainers and everyone behind the organization of the spectacle.

    College and an injured pelvis

    A college student sued her school for lack of adequate warning of living on the fourth floor. As part of a prank, he leaned his backside out of a window on the fourth floor. However, he ended up falling out of the window and injuring his pelvis. He lost his case.

    These are lots of bizarre cases that found their way on attorneys' desks seeking compensation. For as long as there are accidents and proven liability, there will exist avenues for damages' recovery. That is why it is imperative that you contact an experienced attorney with an excellent record of winning complex cases. Alexander Napolin has a proven record and client testimony that attests to his creative skills in handling complex claims.