• Discover Chiropractic Treatment for California Whiplash Accident Injury
  • August 4, 2017 | Author: Alexander Napolin
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  • Discover Chiropractic Treatment for California Whiplash Accident Injury - The most common type of injury experienced in an automobile accident is whiplash (also known as neck strain). Whiplash is extremely common in collisions because the velocity whips the neck front and back in a violent manner. The change in velocity which occurs during the collision causes the muscles and tendons to stretch and sometimes tear. When the impact is strong, a sprain could also occur where the ligaments stretch and tear. In all cases it is painful. And the more severe it is, the stronger and longer those symptoms will present. Here is how to identify it and how it can be treated.

    Watch for the Following Whiplash Symptoms

    The painful symptoms are hard to miss when looking for them. In many instances however, there is a gradual onset that results in the victim not fully realizing the severity until days or weeks later. Therefore be on the look out for the common symptoms. Keep in mind that the below could also constitute signs of more serious conditions such as a herniated or damaged disc or possibly a fractured vertebrae. It is therefore of absolute importance to seek immediate medical attention should you suspect have any problems. The following are some that will likely be present in all cases:

    • A decrease in your range of motion due to stiffness and locking up of the cervical spine area.
    • Pain when turning the neck side to side and/or up and down.
    • Painful hard knots in between the shoulders and base of the head.
    • Headaches afflicting the base of the skull and wrapping over to the forehead.

    The above signs do not always present immediately. While most cases see the problems begin immediately and increase over a few hours, many people do not experience their first episode for days. When the above symptoms do start, they usually arise mild and build over time. In some other instances, they go to severe immediately. In all events, seeking documentation of the injury and treatment for it is essential, not only for your health but also for your auto accident claim. Remember, never self diagnose! Always seek the attention of a professional for help. It could be a chiropractor or medical doctor, or both. To diagnose the issue, your doctor or chiropractor will need to ask questions and perform a physical exam. In addition to that, x-rays, CT and/or MRI may be necessary to investigate the source and extent of tissue damage causing the pain and discomfort. Once identified, the appropriate medical care should be obtained.

    Whiplash Injury Treatment After an Auto Accident

    The chiropractor or physician may prescribe the following home remedies in addition to formal medical attention. Following the doctor's orders is necessary to speed up recovery and feel better.

    • Icing. This reduces inflammation. Try doing this for a half hour every few hours for the first four days. Use a towel to wrap the ice or cold pack in to protect the skin from irritation.
    • Topical and internal pain killers. If the doctor recommends it, taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like Advil may also help with the inflammation and pain. Since these meds have side effects, be careful and always ask a physician first
    • Collar Neck Brace. In some instances using a collar brace is recommended. Be careful to not use for too long as the extra support can actually cause the muscle to weaken. This can cause more harm than good if the neck can no longer hold up the head.
    • Stretching Exercises. Often prescribed to be performed in a shower under hot water, these will help regain range of motion and work out knots.
    • Additional treatments. These include massage therapy and ultrasound therapy. Local chiropractors may have these services available.

    Remember to always ask your doctor what is best for your specific case in the event you decide to self treat. Finding the appropriate medical treatment can be difficult without insurance or where insurance does not cover chiropractic and other alternative therapies. Therefore if you have been hurt in an accident and believe you have a case, consult with a lawyer about treatment with a chiropractor on a lien basis. Lien treatment means that you pay nothing to the doctor until proceeds of the settlement are available to pay. Help is out there if you look. Call The Napolin Law Firm of motor vehicle accident attorneys at 909-325-6032 if you have sustained whiplash injury and need help getting better and getting it paid for.

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