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  • August 5, 2017 | Author: Alexander Napolin
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    Car Accident Lawyer in Montclair CA - Automobile accident injuries can suddenly change the injury victim's life. It also affects family member and friends who come to aid or who rely on the injury victim for emotional and financial support. When injuries are catastrophic or deadly in nature, it can result in change that is life-long. Even moderate injuries often significantly hinder the rhythm of one's life. Those who have been hurt by a negligent driver should seek the advice of a Car Accident Attorney in Montclair CA to determine their legal remedies. Laws exist that can hold the person who causes the accident legally liable to pay for the damage factually and proximately caused by their careless driving acts. Victims should also seek advice from the attorney on how to best protect these legal remedies, starting early on. Here are some areas that early attorney intervention can help with.

    Understanding Automobile Liability Insurance Issues

    The law may hold people accountable for their careless behavior when it hurts others. California has a compulsory automobile insurance system. This means that to legally operate a vehicle in California the driver and vehicle owner must have a certain amount of insurance to pay if they cause an accident. However, not everyone carries enough insurance to pay for the damages that they create. The California minimum liability policy is only $15,000 per person / $30,000.00 per occurrence. In the event the car crash creates financial issues greater than the minimum amount, the victim is left short. This is because the defendant likely has no assets that would allow for payment above and beyond their insurance policy. Even when larger policies are in play, such as $100,000/$300,000, moderate injuries requiring surgery or resulting in missed wages can go under compensated. The average defendant won't have money to pay a jury award above their insurance policy. When they do, bankruptcy can discharge the debt created by the victim's judgment against them.

    A car accident attorney can help assess the size of the lawsuit by analyzing the main factors. How serious is the injury? Is there lost wages? What kind of pain and suffering would a jury likely award for the types of injuries involved? These issues can be analyzed in conjunction with research about the defendant's automobile liability insurance policy and asset situation. Together, the lawyer can give you a good assessment about the insurance claim and/or lawsuits real value to the client. This is extremely important knowledge to have early on because it allows the victim to know what to expect and how to plan for the future.

    Help With Medical Documentation and Health Care Treatment

    Beyond assessing the value of the case early on, an attorney can help with guidance on how to document injuries to strengthen the insurance claim and/or lawsuit. For example, many who experience health problems resulting from truck, motorcycle or car crashes do not understand how lawsuits work. To be successful, injuries must be proven and shown to have been caused by the incident. This requires documentation of the injuries by medical professionals, pictures of bodily harm and keeping a journal of difficulties of daily living. Insurance claims take a long time, memories fade, and keeping a journal helps remembering the suffering and problems with daily living. Consulting with an attorney early on will help you with understanding how to prove your damages caused by the crash.

    Advice and Advocacy From a Montclair Car Accident Injury Attorney

    When your body is damaged in a car accident, the perpetrator of that accident must pay for the damages of the injury victim. To determine whether compensation is available to pay for your medical bills, your pain and suffering and your lost wages, you need the representation quickly. Ready to provide for your needs is the Montclair CA car accident injury attorney group The Napolin Law Firm. Filled with highly competent legal staff and dedicated attorneys to advocate on your behalf, it is the premier local law firm. Those who have fallen victim to another's negligent acts leading to injury, a free consultation is available to assess rights and give the guidance necessary to obtain justice!

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