• Big Data--A Powerful Asset that Comes with Legal Obligations and Limitations
  • October 19, 2017
  • Companies of all sizes and across all industries must understand their obligations regarding the collection, use and transfer of private information. Once a business understands its obligations, then it must take reasonable steps to fulfill them. In particular, a company must exercise diligence and care as it collects, accesses, analyzes and uses, what has come to be known as "Big Data."

    The use of Big Data has become firmly entrenched in corporate America. Therefore, organizations eager to use Big Data to improve efficiency and profitability must be wary of the pitfalls that accompany its use.

    In an article appearing in the Fall 2017 issue of Credit Research Foundation News, that can be found here, Otterbourg attorneys Evan Pilchik and Erik Weinick of Otterbourg’s privacy and cybersecurity practice examine the pitfalls and discuss the policies, programs and compliance obligations that can maximize the benefits Big Data offers without incurring the legal and reputational costs that may occur with its use.