• Fiscal Residency Certificate
  • January 25, 2018 | Author: Eduardo Achurra M.
  • Law Firm: Pardini & Asociados - Panama Office
  • It is well know that current economic situation has evolved to the position where the biggest global economies through their government have tighten their tax regulation.

    The procurement of a second residency and/or citizenship has been often an exit measure in regards personal tax exposure.

    During the last few years, a wise asset management structure with the use of alternative residency/citizenship status and the procurement of Fiscal Residency Certificate have become a more reliable source of protection against the constant and evolving taxation actions applied by governments.

    The Republic of Panama offers a great stability and easy procedures for becoming a permanent resident and/or citizens that may include the option to obtain Fiscal residency.


    • The Republic of Panama grants a fiscal residency certificate to foreigners that demonstrate evidence of relationship to Panama by means of residency status, professional development and/or investment source (real estate and/or business)
    • The certificate is subject to of validation under any existent treaty between the Republic of Panama and applicant’s country of origin.
    • The existence of a tax treaty is not mandatory.
    • Power of attorney to Pardini & Asociados
    • Applicant must provide valid documentation of the interested party and beneficiary
    • The application for the benefit must clearly state the provisions supporting the right for the benefit.


    • The tax residency certificate usually will have a validity of 12 months as of the date the document was issued.

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