• Over and Over and Over Again My Friend Remember that a 504 Plan is not a Condolence Prize
  • November 28, 2017 | Author: Rochelle S. Eisenberg
  • Law Firm: Pessin Katz Law, P.A. - Towson Office
  • When a student is dismissed from special education services or is found ineligible for special education services in the first instance, please do not automatically develop a 504 Plan. In order to qualify for a 504 Plan, the student must have a physical or mental disability which substantially limits a major life activity. Often that happens because the parents want to have “something” because they mistakenly believe their child will be overlooked without an IEP or 504 Plan. Or you want to ease the parents’ disappointment in not having the child qualify.

    Before you develop a 504 Plan, you need to conduct an evaluation to determine eligibility. Chances are that having a weakness in spelling is not going to qualify a student for a 504 Plan. Everyone has weaknesses and that does not make them disabled.