• Air Transat Class Action
  • October 6, 2017
  • We have filed a proposed national class action against AIR TRANSAT alleging that the airline has engaged in a scheme to fraudulently misrepresent commercial flight itineraries to both consumers and aviation authorities with the objective of increasing ticket prices and reducing operation costs with the use of sub-standard aircraft. Recent reporting in the national media has revealed that Air Transat internally refers to its scheme as the “Mexican Game”.

    The Mexican Game is thought to work like this: Air Transat advertises commercial flights with itineraries that do not include any stops between departure and destination, inducing both (a) consumers to purchase tickets at inflated cost and (b) aviation authorities to approve seemingly unremarkable flight plans. Air Transat then instruct flight crews, first, to cause these flights to make one or more undisclosed, but premeditated, stops during the scheduled itinerary and, second, to refrain from advising consumers and aviation authorities of these undisclosed stops until the affected flights are airborne and consequently incapable of interruption. The Mexican Game allows Air Transat to utilize sub-standard aircraft otherwise incapable of executing the advertised itineraries. The utilization of these inferior aircraft, although considered dangerous by flight crews, significantly reduces operational costs.