• Ending Secrecy Around Sexual Harassment
  • January 19, 2018
  • Microsoft, the technology giant, recently announced its plan to prevent sexual harassment by ending forced arbitration agreements with employees who make sexual harassment claims. This policy change is reflective of the growing alarm over rampant sexual harassment claims across many industries. Representatives for the software leader also stated that it would support a proposed federal law that would ban agreements that are similar in nature.

    Forced arbitration agreements are thought to help sustain incidents of sexual assault in the workplace. When the voices of victims are silenced, it can have an impact on perpetuating sexual harassment. Forced arbitration agreements have been known to keep harassment and discrimination claims out of court, shielding perpetrators and allowing the offenses to continue.

    Lawmakers have been pushing to eliminate the enforcement of forced arbitration related to sexual harassment under federal law. Although Microsoft is a pioneer in volunteering this policy change, there have been a minority of complaints against the company. Even though their efforts may be largely symbolic, they stand as an icon of change for those who have suffered.

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