• Lawsuit Claims Tonight Show's Questlove Demanded Cameraman Firing
  • January 26, 2018
  • In a lawsuit filed on Wednesday, Questlove from “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” has been accused of demanding the termination of two cameramen because of their race. The claims against NBC and Questlove, who is the Roots leader and drummer, allege that after the cameramen received “unsolicited racist and misogynist texts” from a stagehand, Questlove wanted them fired because they are Caucasian. When they reported the offense to NBC superiors and the Roots manager, they claimed it led to their suspension. Apparently, the Roots bassist who received the same texts did not get suspended nor did the stagehand. It is further alleged that Questlove requested that the bassist not receive any reprimands. NBC stated that they pride themselves on a positive work environment, and decided to terminate the cameramen without any outside influence while Questlove denies the allegations altogether.

    Racial discrimination in the workplace can affect any group of people or individual who is not hired for a job or is wrongfully terminated due to their race. Discrimination may be demonstrated by co-workers and superiors in the form of different treatment from others or harassment. This could create a hostile work environment for the victim and their colleagues, which may bring down morale and productivity as well as traumatizing any targeted individuals or groups.

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