• Manicurist Accused Mogul Steve Wynn of Sexual Misconduct
  • January 26, 2018
  • According to news reports on Friday, a manicurist accused Las Vegas mogul Steve Wynn of sexual misconduct. Apparently, he pressured the manicurist to engage in sexual relations with him, and eventually paid her a nearly $8 million settlement. Wynn allegedly pressured other employees to perform sexual acts as well. The incident with the manicurist, which Wynn vehemently denies, was referenced in a acrimonious lawsuit filed by his ex-wife, which he suggests is the real reason why the allegations have been publicly revealed.

    Professionals do not expect to receive bad treatment or sexual harassment when they visit workspaces at private offices or homes, and they do not deserve it. Workers should not have to endure unwanted harassment, sexual advances, or be forced to engage in sexual relationships while trying to earn an honest income, but sometimes it does unexpectedly occur. When professionals experience this type of abuse by a high-profile businessperson, they may feel trepidation about reporting the toxic behavior, and fear their careers may be threatened as well as their personal lives.

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