• Press Forward Sexual Harassment Support Group
  • January 29, 2018
  • Women who have experienced sexual harassment and assault in the workplace are taking new measures to prevent discriminatory mistreatment. Social media has proven to be a powerful tool for exposing the silent crime. Following the MeToo movement, in which victims of sexual assault, discrimination, and harassment shared stories of workplace abuse using the hashtag MeToo in their social media posts, female victims have come together to establish the Press Forward initiative.

    What is Press Forward?
    The Press Forward initiative was established after a group of women working in the news and journalism sectors spoke out with alleged sexual misconduct claims against ABC News political reporter, Mark Halperin, CBS host, Charlie Rose, and NBC Today host, Matt Lauer. Over the past few months, Press Forward has evolved into an online support group for female victims of sexual harassment within the journalism sector. After speaking out about her experiences upon entering journalism, where she was assaulted by Mark Halperin during an office meeting, Eleanor McManus began what would become the Press Forward initiative by connecting with other victims through social media platforms such as Facebook.

    Goals of Press Forward
    The main goal of the Press Forward initiative is to provide radical change within the news, media, and entertainment industries that will allow employees to feel safe within the workplace. To promote proper workplace behavior and create a safe zone for speaking about sexual harassment and discrimination, the group is conducting thorough research with women of all age groups. The Press Forward initiative aims to figure out what is needed to make news, journalism, and media businesses more equitable and effective. End goals of the Press Forward initiative include:

    Establishing awareness for the legal rights of women as they enter the journalism industry.
    Determining accountability for executives and powerful employees to ensure safety and improvement of individual behavior.
    Creating a zero-tolerance policy for sexual misconduct in the workplace by enforcing training and proper workplace behavior.
    Providing women with the resources necessary to speak out about acts of misconduct by offering them a safe space in which to speak.
    In the meantime, news and media outlets have expressed concern about workplace discrimination and harassment. Following allegations against Matt Lauer, NBC has taken steps to prevent abuse and misconduct by implementing in-person sexual harassment training and awareness programs to establish clear boundaries for appropriate behavior in the workplace.

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