• Clinton Shielded Campaign Adviser from Sexual Harassment Allegations
  • January 29, 2018
  • On Friday, it was reported that Hillary Clinton allegedly shielded a campaign adviser from sexual harassment allegations during her 2008 campaign. Her faith adviser for the campaign, who headed an independent pro-Clinton group, Correct the Record, was accused of sexual harassment by an aide. Although Clinton’s campaign manager recommended that she remove the adviser from his post, he only received a brief reduction in pay, and went for counseling. Meanwhile, the young woman left for another position. Months later, he was fired from the group he led. Clinton’s legal representatives neither deny the accusations revealed nor deny that she did not heed her campaign manager’s advice.

    The world of politics appears to harbor a disturbing level of sexual misconduct and harassment within the ranks. Unfortunately, no industry is immune to the toxic behavior, and many businesses are trying to initiate programs that eliminate sexual harassment in the workplace. Sexual harassment not only affects the victims in a work environment, but the tension and negativity lowers morale, and decreases productivity.

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