• New York Daily News Editors Fired Over Sexual Harassment
  • February 2, 2018
  • Two editors from the “New York Daily News” were fired over sexual harassment complaints filed against them. The terminations followed an investigation at the newspaper regarding the complaints. About a month ago, managing editor Rob Moore became the focus of the investigation for fostering a hostile work environment while Sunday managing editor Alexander “Doc” Jones received several complaints from women about his behavior. One reporter claimed that Jones grabbed and kissed her on her last day at the “New York Daily News” in 2010 without her consent.

    Despite any boundaries drawn regarding conduct between employees at a business, some workers may fail to adhere to them, and engage in sexual harassment in the workplace. This creates fear and tension among workers, and may contribute to a lack of productivity and emotional trauma for victims. Victims may not only experience mental distress, they may worry that they may endure workplace retaliation by the perpetrator or their superiors for reporting the misdeeds or even be wrongfully terminated.

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