• Sexual Harassment Contributes to Gender Pay Gap
  • February 5, 2018
  • It has long been common knowledge that American women do not earn as much their male counterparts. The difference cannot be explained away by education or opportunity. This has led to a new body of research that indicates another possibility that women may make less at work because of sexual harassment.

    Most of the difference in the gender pay gap may be because men work in higher paying jobs in lucrative fields. Most policy solutions have been focused on encouraging women to pursue higher-paying jobs in the same fields. However, some experts believe that higher paychecks often present higher risks of sexual harassment. Furthermore, women who do experience sexual harassment at work are six times more likely to leave their jobs, compared to women who do not have that experience.

    In one study, sociologists asked 1000 men and women if they had experienced unwanted touching, offensive jokes, and other behaviors at work that could be considered sexual harassment. Among the women who had this experience, 80 percent left their job within two years. When women leave their jobs for this reason, they do not tend to move up professionally. They are more likely to wind up in less lucrative fields or positions. This negative impact can have a career-long effect.

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