• Gender and Generation Views on Sexual Harassment
  • February 6, 2018
  • Sexual harassment continues to be a trending news topic that has sparked discussions on workplace discrimination and abuse throughout the United States. Although men and women can be victims of sexual harassment, topics of sexual harassment vary greatly and have ranged from silence to widespread social media campaigns in favor of equal employment opportunities and pleas for infrastructure reform to establish safe work environments.

    Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
    Due to an influx of media coverage on sexual discrimination and assault, a study was conducted by The Wall Street Journal and NBC News to determine gender and generational viewpoints on sexual harassment in the workplace. A series of polls were conducted on a variety of topics related to sexual harassment. Determined to gather data from different demographics, men and women of all ages were polled regarding their thoughts and experiences on sexual harassment.

    As an opening question, NBC News sought to determine the percentage of Americans that believe sexual harassment occurs in all workplaces. Although opinions varied, 67 percent of Americans believed that sexual harassment occurs in almost all workplaces in some form. Statistics varied depending on gender and age groups, but an extremely high percentage of the population polled believed that sexual harassment is a common occurrence in the workplace. Overall, 71 percent of women and 62 percent of men believe that sexual harassment happens in most workplaces.

    Examining Sexual Harassment
    When asked about whether they had encountered unwanted sexual contact while at work, men and women responded differently depending on age group, with a staggering number answering positively. Fifty-one percent of women aged 18 to 49, and 41 percent of women aged 50 and older experienced sexual harassment in the workplace. Recent stories have had an impact on the number of women willing to talk about sexual harassment in the workplace as well, with 44 percent of women answering that recent allegations have made them want to share their own experiences with sexual harassment.

    When asked about workplace interactions and experiences, younger generations of men and women were willing to admit that something needs to change, while older generations were more hesitant to do so, suggesting a generational gap in sexual harassment mentality and exposure. Out of those polled, 49 percent of men reported that sexual harassment reports have caused them to think about their interactions with women and their behavior.

    Across the board, older generations held lower percentages, which suggest different states of sexual harassment mentality that may be attributed to sexual harassment training programs and societal norms about proper workplace behavior.

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