• Halle Berry and Taraji Henson's Manager Accused of Sexual Harassment
  • February 6, 2018
  • The manager who helped actresses Halle Berry and Taraji Henson become stars has been accused of sexual harassment. Nine aspiring African-American actresses and an Asian-American model claimed that manager Vincent Cirrincione who is Caucasian sexual harassed them and would only assist them in finding work in the entertainment industry if they engaged in sexual relations with him. Accusations of rape accompany the complaints of incidents that began in 1993 until 2011. Taraji Henson claims she never experienced these types of issues with Cirrincione while Halle Berry only heard of the allegations about three years ago when a victim publicized her accusations on a radio program, which prompted Berry to drop him as her manager after a 25-year business relationship. Cirrincione confirms the pursuit of sexual relationships but denies ever demanding sexual favors.

    Within the accusations against Cirrincione, the women claim that the manager preyed upon them because of their race and the notorious difficulties that African-American women and other ethnic groups experience in the entertainment industry. Intimidation is a common aspect found in workplace sexual harassment and may lead to retaliation on the part of the perpetrator who may be a colleague or superior. In some cases, if the victims fail to comply with the perpetrator’s wishes, they may be in danger of wrongful termination, too.

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