• Philadelphia Radio Host John Debella Sued for Sexual Harassment
  • February 19, 2018
  • Radio host John DeBella, who has been a fixture in radio in the Delaware Valley for over 30 years, has been sued for sexual harassment. The suit was filed by a former on-air colleague who worked with him from 2010 through 2016, and claims that she was the recipient of at least 30 separate incidents including improper touching, salacious remarks, and multiple requests for sexual acts. It is further stated that the management at the Philadelphia radio station, 102.9 WMGK, failed to reprimand DeBella, who denies the claims, or eliminate the toxic behavior she endured while working with him. Only when she filed a complaint with the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission in September 2016 did the radio station investigate the claims. She took a leave of absence, and upon her return was offered her former position or a job as a traffic reporter, which she considered a demotion. She formally left the radio station in January 2017.

    The entertainment industry has been rife with complaints about sexual harassment and misconduct, and the lawsuit against radio host John DeBella is yet another demonstration of the toxic behavior workers may be experiencing while on the job. Even if other workers are not directly targeted for harassment, the atmosphere in the work environment could feel tense and uncomfortable, and they may feel offended by the acts made upon the victims.

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