• Delaware County Representative Nick Miccarelli Accused of Sexual Misconduct
  • March 1, 2018
  • Nick Miccarelli, the Delaware County, Pennsylvania State Representative, was accused of sexual assaults and misconduct by two colleagues who are also former girlfriends. Early last month, a current state official and a political consultant filed a complaint with the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, which alleges that Nick Miccarelli threatened the one woman with lethal bodily harm and forced the other woman to engage in sexual relations with him. The state official described him as controlling and physically abusive even when they attended legislative events together. She went to the police to report the abuse but feared retaliation from him. After Miccarelli and the political consultant ended their relationship, she claims he forced her to engage in sexual relations while being physically abusive, which a co-worker she confided in confirmed. Although Miccarelli denies the claims and vows to fight the allegations, Governor Tom Wolf recommended that he resign from his position, and an investigation regarding the claims must be completed.

    Sometimes, when sexual harassment and misconduct occurs, especially in a work environment, the perpetrator may threaten the victim by retaliating against them. This may mean that if the victim reports the harassment or rebuffs any advances made by the perpetrator that the individual may attempt to get the victim wrongfully terminated from a job, deny the victim career opportunities, or blemish the individual’s reputation within the business or industry. The state official claimed that she feared retaliation from Miccarelli, which could encompass both retaliation in the professional and physical sense.

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