• Cadets Director George Hopkins Quits After Alleged Sexual Misconduct
  • April 7, 2018
  • After several accounts of alleged sexual misconduct, The Cadets drum and bugle corps director, George Hopkins, quit his position on Thursday. In 1979, Hopkins was hired by the Youth Education in Arts nonprofit organization based in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and then became the director of the corps in 1982. Apparently, allegations span about 40 years and nine women accused him of both sexual harassment and assault. During the incidents, he allegedly made lewd remarks, groped the women, and sexually assaulted victims. Three women were members of The Cadets at the time of the incidents, and five women worked for the organization. In January, the allegations were revealed, and George Hopkins resigned from his job where he earned ten world championships and endless accolades for his work.

    In some cases of sexual harassment, bosses or other authority figures may abuse their power and make their subordinates and colleagues targets of their toxic behavior. For a number of years, victims of harassment avoided disclosing incidents of sexual misconduct that took place at work for fear of reprisal or retaliation by their superiors. The numerous cases against Harvey Weinstein and other luminaries who engaged in this type of behavior began the flood of complaints, which eventually led to significant reinforcement of laws and new policies intended to protect sexual misconduct victims.

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