• Causes and Consequences of Burn Injuries
  • November 14, 2018 | Author: David M. Ring
  • Law Firm: Taylor & Ring - Manhattan Beach Office

  • Very few injuries are as painful and potentially life-changing as a burn injury. In addition to the physical suffering they impose, the financial costs to the victim can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, the road to recovery for the burn injury victim is often a slow and gradual process that can include multiple treatments and surgeries. The resulting medical expenses can pile up quickly over the weeks, months, and beyond.

    About 486,000 individuals received medical treatment for burns in 2016, according to the American Burn Association (ABA). The types of burns typically treated can range anywhere from first-degree (minor) burns to fourth degree (life-threatening) burns. There are many reasons why these burn injuries occur. Some are a result of unfortunate, but tragic accidents and others due to the direct irresponsible or negligent behavior of another party. When negligence is the cause, the individual or entity carrying out the behavior must be held legally liable.

    Burn injury causes

    The ABA also reports that over three quarters of burn injuries are due to fire exposure or severe scalding heat from steam or hot water. As well, nearly 75 percent of all burn injuries occur in the home with some of the causes involving defective products such as appliances and heaters, as well as faulty wiring. Relatively less common reasons for burn injuries include electrocution and chemical exposure – however, they are also impose quite severe injuries.

    Burn injuries also occur in places of employment, particularly on job sites where hazards such as chemical exposure and electrical lines are prevalent. There is some workers’ compensation protection available to injured workers under California law. However, the medical costs associated with severe burn injuries may exceed the available workers’ comp under the law.

    In some cases, an individual who sustained an electrical or chemical burn on the job may have the opportunity to file an injury lawsuit for negligence against a third party other than the employer. Potential responsible third parties may include a property owner, equipment manufacturer or subcontractor bearing responsibility for the accident. It is important to consult an experienced burn injury attorney about your options in order to make an informed decision regarding specific legal action.

    Physical and mental consequences of burn injuries

    Blisters and scars can result from even minor to moderate burns. Patients suffering these lower-level burns are still at risk for infection during the healing process. More severe burns can lead to nerve damage, loss of dexterity and sensation, and require skin grafts over time. In the most extreme cases, these burns may require amputation. Burns to the neck, face, arms, and legs can produce disfigurement and scarring. Burns that affect the extremities can produce permanent disability

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