• How Auto Accident Lawyers Help Personal Injury Victims Recover Insurance Money
  • July 17, 2017
  • The Law of Negligence Applies to Auto Accidents

    A personal injury happens when another person behaves in a careless fashion and by that careless behavior causes someone else to sustain damage. Personal injuries are bound to happen in any society. This is because people while acting in groups tend to fail to exercise the care of a reasonably prudent person. A persons failure to act prudently usually arises when they do not think before taking action. This could be because the person is thinking of some problem in their mind that distracts them from paying attention to their own behavior. In other instances, it could be because they are simply an absent minded individual who behaves without thinking about what they are doing. Whatever the cause may be, the law requires that a careless individual pay up to those whom they damage through their negligent actions.

    The Importance of Motor Vehicle Accident Legal Representation

    California is a "common law state" and therefore follows judge made rules combined with statutory measures of negligence. While these rules are made to help individuals recover damages against negligent people, they are complex and require that the court system be engaged via a lawsuit. Therefore, most seek the representation of a firm in order to effectively prosecute their lawsuit. This is a wise decision. The court rules and the rules of civil procedure are complex and must be precisely followed to have a successful lawsuit. Additionally, litigating any form of situation where you are asking for money from someone else is sure to be met with some resistance. The negligent person who you sue may hire lawyers to defend themselves, or their carrier will retain an national firms to fight against paying up. Because of these obstacles to victory, it is always a wise decision to retain formal legal representation when you are injured in an automobile crash.

    For those who wonder how lawyers help, consider the following. They can:

    • Shield you from the insurance company adjuster. Once a personal attorney is retained by you, the carrier is no longer allowed to call you and speak with you directly. Instead, the adjuster must call your representatives office. This protects them from extracting information from you that could be detrimental to your case, including on a recorded basis
    • Analyze car accident liability in light of the facts and give you an idea about what the future holds. Remember no one can know the future nor can they guarantee a result. Nevertheless, an experienced trial group can give advice on what to do and what to expect based upon past experience with other cases.
    • Help you locate needed medical treatment on a lien basis. This type of medical care requires no payment until the case is won.
    • Prepare a strong settlement demand package to paint your claim in the best light to obtain maximum value or policy limits.

    Take it to trial by jury in the event proper value within policy limits is not offered by the carrier after a strong demand.

    The above listed are just a few ways in which a victim is helped by hiring a top car crash lawyer. Always keep in mind that the insurance company has an entire fleet of attorneys on the payroll making sure that they pay as little as possible on each and every case. This means that you need a motor vehicle accident lawyer on your side to fight for justice to get your life back on track!

    Additional Pluses to Retaining Legal Counsel

    In addition to fighting for your rights, the role of a personal injury attorneys is to relieve your stress throughout the legal process. Those who choose to deal with the insurance adjuster directly, and/or pursue a lawsuit in the courts by themselves, face significant mental stress. The procedures are time consuming and laypeople have not studied the laws. When the best attorney is prosecuting the case, the client is able to focus on healing and putting their life back together. This might very well be the biggest benefit to hiring an auto accident injury attorney. Call The Napolin Law Firm today to take care of your legal needs!