• Nature of an Amputation Maiming Accident Injury
  • July 17, 2017
  • Damages for an Auto Accident Amputation Injury

    Maiming occurs where an injury results in permanent damage to a body part or system. Common maiming injuries involve the upper and lower extremities. When legs and arms are subjected to severe damage, including muscle tearing and bone breaking, the end result is usually amputation injury of the subject limb. When a maiming results in the loss of an arm or leg, the rhythm of one's life is forever affected beyond comprehension. Most daily tasks that seemed simple before the accident are now like climbing mountains. The physical recreation that was once easy to perform becomes impossible to do much enjoy. And behind the physical pain is the emotional pain and internal struggle, which makes the physical problems almost insignificant. When a person is maimed to the extent of a leg or arm amputation, it is an extremely serious and life changing accident scenario. When someones careless act was the cause, that someone should be held accountable to pay for the medical bills, pain, and suffering that they created.

    Fortunately the law can hold careless people legally responsible for the destruction that they cause to others. Those who have suffered damages from someone's carelessness can turn to the California court system to obtain justice. The law allows the aggrieved party to recover money to pay for the damage the accident has caused to their life. And recoverable damages are not limited to out of pocket medical costs. Here is a list of things that are possibly available depending upon the circumstances.

    • Pain and suffering. The pain and suffering associated with dealing with the problems associated with sustaining the damage
    • Emotional distress. Psychological disorder and emotional pain of missing a body part and the difficulties that come with it.
    • Loss of enjoyment. Lost enjoyment of activities that once were enjoyed.
    • Lost earning capacity. Inability to make as much going forward in life.
    • Lost wages. Money lost from missing work or not being able to work as efficiently.
    • Mileage Reimbursement. To pay for gas and wear and tear on the automobile to get to the doctors.
    • Transportation costs. If transportation is necessary due to inability to drive, this could be available.
    • Future medical expenses. Costs of treatments, doctor appointments and medications needed to cure or relieve the injury in the future.

    Retain Only the Best Attorneys for Amputation

    When a personal injury case involves the maiming of a limb leading to amputation, receiving many of the above damages is likely possible. However, an attorney is absolutely necessary and instrumental in achieving and maximizing recovery. Only with the guidance, support and the understanding of civil procedure that a personal injury attorney brings to the table can true justice be served. Specifically, an accident injury lawyer investigates the scene, investigates the insurance limits, procures and collects the proper medical reporting and experts, and effectively argues for damages. That's where The Napolin Law Firm comes in.

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