• Car Accident Injury Attorney in Orange CA
  • July 18, 2017
  • Car Accident Injury Attorney in Orange CA

    Top Orange Lawyer: There are many attorneys to pick from in Orange County. Dozens upon dozens advertise their legal services to represent injury victims against insurance carriers. But when it comes to your health and finances, you should only trust the top Orange lawyer for car accident injury. The Napolin Law Firm Orange County with an office off of the 57 freeway at Chapman Avenue, is here to help you understand the insurance process and defeat the insurance company. Most firms make big promises about their customer service upon the first contact, bragging about VIP service and good client communication. Unfortunately, initial boasting turns into poor service and poor representation that can lead an insurance claim and injury lawsuit into disaster. At The Napolin Law Firm we mean it when we say we have your back. The firm employs a strong team of paralegals, investigators, legal assistants and attorneys to provide first class legal representation and customer service. Hiring Napolin means you have top courtroom litigators and a team of professionals who care about advising you and maximizing the strength of your case.

    Choose the Best Orange Personal Injury Attorney, Contact The Orange Office Today

    Don't just take this articles word for it, contact our law firm today to speak one on one with an attorney about your auto accident claim. When it comes on deciding on the right lawyer, it is important to call and speak to a few before making the hire. Dialing up a law office and requesting to speak to the attorney about a car accident scenario is the first step in determining whether it will be a good fit for your case. If the attorney comes right to the phone or calls you back shortly, that's a first good impression. A paralegal cannot and should never be giving legal advice on any case, so if you only ever speak to a paralegal before hiring a firm, that firm hire is a bad choice. The Napolin Law Firm has the philosophy that each possible client should at the very least speak to an attorney before having their case accepted or rejected. Once the circumstances surrounding the accident and injuries are evaluated by one of our lawyers, the attorney then decides whether or not to invite the individual to the Orange CA office for an in person meeting. During the initial meeting, which is free, the attorney and potential client discuss in depth details about what happened and the direction of the case. When you call Napolin, you are sure to speak to a lawyer about 1) your specific circumstances; 2) what can be done to forward your goals; 3) whether Napolin can take on representation of your cause without any money up front at all.

    The Essential in Office Meeting: After the first phone conversation with a licensed attorney, the next step is to be invited to mee our staff and have a more in depth discussion about the what can be done to further your legal interests. During the first in office meeting, specifics are discussed and analyzed, goals for the legal action are set articulated to be met. Once hired, Napolin's team pursues the case full force right away to get your car fixed, your body fixed and the money needed to get your life back on track. Different than many other law firms, Napolin and Lombardo are ready, willing and devoted to investing substantial attorney resources to obtain favorable case outcomes for their clients. During investigation and prosecution claims, Napolin leaves no stone un-turned to obtain max value based upon the nature and extent of the car accident. In the meantime, the experienced Orange injury trial attorneys begin to work to help you get your car fixed, your body fixed and money in your pocket, by employing strong litigation tactics against the insurance adjuster from day one.

    Ways The Napolin Law Firm Aids Auto Accident Injury Victims

    Are on the lookout for a serious car accident group of lawyers in Orange? You need to seriously consider contacting The Napolin Law Firm for immediate legal advice. Our insightful attorneys are standing by to discuss your circumstances right now. If you have been involved in a freeway, motorcycle, car, bus, truck, bicycle or car accident in Orange California, call us for the immediate assistance that you need! Do not let the insurance carrier get away with robbing you out of the following benefits!:

    • Rental Car
    • Loss of Use
    • Medical Treatment
    • Orthopedic Consultation
    • Loss of Enjoyment of Life
    • Lost Wages Due to Missing Work
    • Personal Injury Litigation Loan
    • Important Guidance
    • Help with dealing with claims examiners
    • A good settlement
    • Jury trial for Justice
    Any injured person! Most who call get right on the phone with an experienced trial attorney, if not Alexander himself. Do not delay or hesitate, speak to us before you speak with the insurance company! Remember, the insurance company is a for profit business and is not on your side! We Are!