• Texas Legislative Issues/News: New credit card law pits Texas against merchants and financial companies
  • August 28, 2017 | Author: Jake Posey
  • Law Firm: The Posey Law Firm, P.C. - Austin Office
  • Attorney Jake Posey noted that the argument for the new law is that it will help to cut down on credit card fraud. Texas community banks, which supported the law, have become greatly concerned about this problem. However, a number of arguments exist against the law.

    Opponents point out that many poorer Texans who lack a photo ID use government-issued debit cards to acquire needed goods and services. Others say that asking for a photo ID grants store clerks information about a customer that might be used for identity theft. Having store clerks ask for ID could expose them to discrimination law suits.

    Some who are concerned about fighting credit card fraud suggest that technology such as chip cards and biometric identification would be better solutions than requiring a photo ID for transactions.

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