• Additional $420 Million to Be Paid in Metal-on-Metal Hip Settlement
  • March 23, 2015
  • Law Firm: Waters Kraus LLP - Dallas Office
  • Johnson & Johnson has consented to pay an additional $420 million to settle ASR hip implant lawsuits that had been excluded from a 2013 settlement amounting to $2.5 billion. The lawsuits allege that the metal-on-metal hip replacements caused pain, dislocation and metal poisoning. In addition, the implants often required patients to undergo painful revision surgery in which the defective implant was removed and a new system inserted.

    The settlement should provide compensation for up to 1,400 patients who had the ASR hip implant removed since 2013. Each patient would receive approximately $300,000 under the terms of the settlement.

    A spokesperson for J&J’s DePuy unit claims that the medical device maker is seeking to avoid expensive litigation. Taken together, the original and the new settlement should cover more than 90 percent of the existing lawsuits involving ASR hip removals.

    Metal-on-Metal Hip Implants Failed in Less than Five Years, Causing Pain and Metal Poisoning

    In 2005, J&J introduced the ASR metal implants into the American market as a product that would last for 20 years. But in August 2010, there were 93,000 ASR hip implants recalled worldwide. J&J’s internal documents revealed that 37 percent of ASR hips went bad after just 4.6 years. And in Australia, the failure rate after seven years was 44 percent.