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A versatile, customized website is an essential component of effective law firm marketing. At Martindale-Hubbell, we blend the latest functional and design advances with knowledge gained from nearly 150 years of connecting lawyers with prospects. Whether you seek to establish a professional presence or launch an aggressive SEO campaign, we offer a complete array of options to achieve your marketing goals.

Having built more than 40,000 websites for attorneys, we know how an effective online presence sets a law firm apart from its competition. Our websites use innovative design and professional content to highlight your services and strengths. Choose from adaptable themes that maximize visibility and user-friendliness. No matter how your firm changes, our platform is extremely flexible so your website can grow to meet your changing needs.

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Robust features that put your website to work


Responsive design

Increasingly, the online legal market is made up of mobile users. We make sure that your website will be attractive and easy to navigate on any desktop or handheld device.


Linked profile on

Your companion profile on, the premier online attorney directory, enables you to reach the millions of annual visitors seeking legal assistance, three million of whom click through annually to subscribers’ websites. You can promote your credentials in the city where your firm’s office is located in addition to other locations that you serve.



Your target prospects can find you easily on the web with our sites that are written and optimized to rank well on search engines. Your SEO specialist stays on top of changes to Google and other search engines. From there, we establish authoritative links and make appropriate adjustments to your website’s onsite and offsite optimization.

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If your firm seeks an immediate impact from its marketing investment, a pay-per-click advertisement can secure prominent placement for the searches you want to target today. We craft campaigns to showcase firm websites through ads on search engines like Google and Bing. Our specialists consider your marketing goals and promote your firm through a brief text ad that appears prominently in search results for the designated cities and practice areas.

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Social media

The best time to establish your professional reputation with potential clients is before they realize they need your services. A strong website can serve as the foundation of a vibrant legal network that fosters communication with prospects and peers across major social platforms. We build profiles for your firm on key social media sites and curate relevant legal material for you to share with your network. By providing useful information and keeping in touch with your contacts, your firm has the chance to become a trusted resource when those contacts need legal representation.

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Award-winning designs that communicate your value

Give your website a modern look that strengthens your message

Through years of creating award-winning designs, we’ve learned how to create websites that look good while enhancing the end-user experience for your prospects. With our durable themes, we establish a marketing foundation that reflects your firm’s unique skills and background. See how our website team has helped attorneys like you and gain some useful ideas about how you can promote your firm’s credentials. By adding customized content, logos and images, you can create a distinctive voice in the legal marketplace.

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How we deliver your new law firm website

A simple process that enables you to upgrade quickly

Your legal marketing specialist will conduct a brief but thorough review of your specific marketing objectives by guiding you through our Creative Discovery interface. In about 15 minutes, you will devise a detailed plan for the site’s color, design, tone and content. In just a few weeks, we will incorporate your choices and produce a customized, adjustable site.

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What other law firms are saying about our online solutions

  • “I like my Martindale-Hubbell website because it allows me to not worry about the website design or upkeep of the site. Building my website was as easy as clicking on themes and customizing colors, fonts, and layout. Even after it was built, they continued to customize my site to add video, blogging, and additional content. I love the look and feel of my website, but whenever I want to change things or add content, I just log in to the back end of the site and make the changes myself or if it’s more than I know how to do then I just send an email for Martindale-Hubbell’s website design team to update. Easy.”

    R. Sam Price, Member Price Law Firm, APC
  • “We are extremely happy with our Martindale-Hubbell website. Our website serves as an instrumental tool in terms of generating traffic to our firm, which has resulted in many leads.”

    Peter Hurwitz, Member Law Office of Peter A. Hurwitz, PLLC
  • “The web site Martindale-Hubbell built was amazing. My colleagues, clients and friends have all commented that my website is amazing. The site is directly responsible for a 25% increase in business. The site explored new areas of law and this has resulted in new leads, new clients, new business that I did not have before.”

    James C. Zimmermann, Attorney The Law Offices of James C. Zimmermann
  • “Martindale-Hubbell has provided our firm with a quality website that gets results! Their staff promptly responds to our inquiries and are quick to provide effective solutions to accomplish our goals.”

    Jeff Harding, Member Harding, Harding & Harding

Frequently asked questions about Martindale-Hubbell websites

  • Can I use content from my existing website?

    Yes, we can port any content you have on your current site and reproduce it on the upgraded site that we develop for you.

  • What if my firm changes its marketing focus after the site is launched?

    Our flexible websites allow us to make wholesale design changes easily if your objectives change or you simply decide that your site needs a new look.

  • How can I make revisions to the site?

    You can make immediate editorial changes to your site through our Content Management System. Alternatively, our customer support representatives can enter revisions that you provide by phone or email.

  • Does the website include search engine optimization?

    We build websites according to SEO current best practices, so search engines can clearly recognize your firm as a trusted authority in your geographic and practice areas. Higher-level packages include an SEO campaign involving on-site and off-site optimization designed to increase your marketing potential.

  • How is custom content prepared?

    Martindale-Hubbell’s professional legal writers develop targeted, user-friendly content based on your specifications. Using information provided in the Creative Discovery, we showcase your firm’s unique attributes and present up-to-date legal information to prospects and clients.

Website marketing tips

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