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Martindale-Hubbell websites enable busy attorneys to save time and money while meeting their marketing needs. Analyzing various website options and vendors can be an arduous process, so we’ve developed a series of packages that offer complete solutions at every budget level. Starting with an attractive, well-crafted website, we promote your firm’s credentials on search engines, in respected legal directories and through leading social media platforms.

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Launch your web marketing campaign

Establish a professional marketing presence by launching a high-quality website and listing your firm in the most respected online legal directory. We quickly produce an attractive site based on your design and image choices. Whether online users view it on a desktop or mobile device, it will serve as a powerful marketing tool.

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Customize your online identity

Amplify the unique advantages your firm offers clients with custom content drafted by our skilled legal writers. Identify the practice areas and credentials that you want to highlight and we will use that information to draft professional website pages in a timely manner. Then, use the included Preferred Placements on to broaden your site’s visibility in nearby locations.

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Expand your web presence

Increase traffic to your website from the major search engines when you select a multifaceted campaign that includes a detailed SEO strategy. We’ll enhance your website’s search-engine placement through on-site optimization and a series of links that increase site authority. A dedicated specialist will oversee each part of your campaign and work with your content writer to include important keywords that consumers use to search for an attorney on Google.

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Develop a comprehensive campaign

Maximize your online visibility and confer with your dedicated SEO specialist to increase your program’s effectiveness. With extra custom content and increased visibility on, we work with you to tailor a program that reaches all of your marketing targets. To promote user engagement over the long term, we include up to 12 informational videos that answer questions frequently asked by clients and three additional pages of content annually.

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How we help you select the right website package

Dedicated advisers match our offerings to your needs

Based on your firm’s marketing goals and budget, your Law Firm Marketing Specialist can help determine which package matches your marketing objectives. We start by examining your current website performance and determining how aggressively you wish to attract clients online. From there, we advise you on the best way to maximize your investment. Based on these discussions and your preferred investment level, we find the right package for you.

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What other law firms are saying about our marketing programs

  • “I like my Martindale-Hubbell website because it allows me to not worry about the website design or upkeep of the site. Building my website was as easy as clicking on themes and customizing colors, fonts, and layout. Even after it was built, they continued to customize my site to add video, blogging, and additional content. I love the look and feel of my website, but whenever I want to change things or add content, I just log in to the back end of the site and make the changes myself or if it’s more than I know how to do then I just send an email for Martindale-Hubbell’s website design team to update. Easy.”

    R. Sam Price, Member Price Law Firm, APC
  • “We are extremely happy with our Martindale-Hubbell website. Our website serves as an instrumental tool in terms of generating traffic to our firm, which has resulted in many leads.”

    Peter Hurwitz, Member Law Office of Peter A. Hurwitz, PLLC
  • “The web site Martindale-Hubbell built was amazing. My colleagues, clients and friends have all commented that my website is amazing. The site is directly responsible for a 25% increase in business. The site explored new areas of law and this has resulted in new leads, new clients, new business that I did not have before.”

    James C. Zimmermann, Attorney The Law Offices of James C. Zimmermann
  • “Martindale-Hubbell has provided our firm with a quality website that gets results! Their staff promptly responds to our inquiries and are quick to provide effective solutions to accomplish our goals.”

    Jeff Harding, Member Harding, Harding & Harding

Frequently asked questions about our website options

  • How do the packages differ by level?

    At each level, your firm’s visibility increases through website enhancements and additional directory listings. Our Silver package includes custom-written content for the practice area(s) that you select. With the Gold package, the site is fortified by a personalized SEO campaign. The Platinum level offers a comprehensive marketing program with more custom content, listings and regular meetings with an SEO specialist. All packages feature a strong foundation that includes a professional website, social media profiles and listings in the, and online directories.

  • What type of content is included with each package?

    At every level, firms benefit from unique content that can be indexed by search engines. With a Silver package, you receive two pages of custom content drafted by our experienced legal writers. At the Gold level, your content is written to achieve specific SEO objectives. In a Platinum package, your custom content increases to five pages.

  • Is search engine optimization included with any of the packages?

    Yes. If you choose the Gold or Platinum packages, you benefit from an SEO campaign that includes specifically targeted legal content in your chosen practice area(s). This custom web page content is based on an SEO strategy developed by our search engine specialists, who determine which topics and terms will work best. At the Platinum level, you receive detailed quarterly reports regarding site traffic. Using that information, you can work with your account manager and SEO specialist to identify potential growth areas.

  • Do the packages also include extra exposure on

    Yes. With each higher package level, your firm is promoted in additional locations and receives more top placements in city, county and state searches.

  • What package levels help my firm establish its social media presence?

    Social media is an essential aspect of your comprehensive online marketing program, so we include our Social Starter service with each of our website packages.

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