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Establishing yourself as a thought leader in your field benefits your business significantly. With Social Starter, Martindale-Hubbell has created a powerful tool that builds your authority in a given practice area. Whether you generate most of your business from professional referrals or direct marketing, Social Starter increases your social media connections. This tool engages potential clients by automatically sharing substantive articles on your practice areas to your profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, platforms that drive an increasing share of web traffic. So, taking advantage of these online opportunities for engagement is a critical component of law firm lead acquisition and helps showcase your knowledge of the latest legal developments.

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We help you develop an effective social presence


Building your profiles

Establishing and updating profiles on the key social media sites can be a cumbersome process for busy attorneys. Our team creates complete, accurate profiles for your firm on Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.


Gathering relevant content for you

We instantly enhance your online presence by curating articles that relate to your firm’s areas of practice and posting relevant articles to your social profiles with just one click. Even if you already have a Facebook or Twitter account, Martindale-Hubbell’s Social Starter service puts those profiles to work for you.


Establishing your brand

By offering timely articles to your contacts with just one click, your firm becomes a trusted authority in your chosen area of practice.


Highlighting your expertise

Your firm can quickly add unique commentary to each article, showcasing your legal knowledge and setting you apart from competitor firms. Regular posts and comments help to ensure that these prospects will think of you when a legal need arises.

How we help you connect

Our social media team builds your firm's unique online identity

Based on the information you provide and your marketing priorities, we create social media profiles that include complete, current information. From there, we maximize your ability to attract clients through those profiles. Once the Social Starter program is launched, your firm will receive feature stories that are relevant to your practice areas. You can then choose the auto-publish option, which automatically shares the articles on your social media profiles, or select which articles to post yourself. You have the option of commenting on the articles’ relevant issues, establishing your authority and engaging your readers.

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Frequently asked questions about our social media program

Tips and news about our social media campaigns


    As an attorney who is active on the web, you may notice that some of your colleagues are actively blogging on their websites and social media profiles. We often hear the question: “It seems like everyone else is blogging. Do I need to do it too?” To that question, we often respond: “Yes, but only…

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    Ngage Live Chat offers the ability to integrate directly with Facebook messenger on your company’s Facebook page.  What this means is, if someone clicks on the Facebook messenger option, it will go directly to an Ngage chat operator, 24/7. Once the chat is completed the operator converts and delivers the opportunity the same way as a…

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  • How to Respond to Legal Queries on Social Media: Part II

    Mistakes to Avoid when Answering Questions Online  In Part I of this series, we provided some basic guidelines to follow.What you don’t say in your responses, however, can matter almost as much as what you include. Steer clear of the following pitfalls – the most common mistakes attorneys make when answering questions online.  Mistake #1: Disclosing…

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    Over the past few months, we’ve discussed how to set up your social profiles and use them to build your practice. Now we’re going to address how attorneys should handle legal inquiries that appear on their social profiles. How do you walk the fine line between serving as a friendly potential source of help and…

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