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3 Ways That Lawyers Can Be People Too on Social Media

Social media is a great opportunity for prospective clients to learn more about you. My very first post on The A.R.T. of Social Media for Lawyers focused on three core concepts that you should focus on in building your law firm’s social media presence. This post will enhance all of those concepts as you look to create your brand personality on social media, but will focus on adding your human side to the equation.

Share Your Behind-the-Scenes World

What is your typical day like? Do you spend your day sitting at your desk, sweating over depositions or other paperwork, or do you spend time going to the courthouse? Use your smartphone’s camera to capture the action.

Here are a few examples:

The Work-Related Example


The Throwback


Getting Ready for Action


Share Your Knowledge

Sharing your insights provides a benefit to your potential clients: they get to know you as an authority of the law. Comment on a recent news article and add your own twist. Sometimes the funnier or more outrageous the article, the more personable you appear.

Here are a few examples:

The Funny


The Serious


Share Your Successes

Have you recently been honored with an award, been a guest speaker, received a great review, or won a big case? Or maybe you just want to share how you are an integral part in the community. Sharing these types of stories lets people know that you care about what you do and the communities you support.

Here are a few examples:

Guest Speaking


The Big Case


Your Charitable Deeds or Community Work


While the samples shown here are Facebook posts, you can easily apply these strategies across all your social profiles. And if you are so inclined, sharing videos of these types of events engages readers.

Remember: before you were a lawyer, you were a person just like everyone else. Let that individuality shine through on your social media posts.


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