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The Benefits of Adding Live Chat to Your Site and Blog

When a person is looking for a lawyer to help them with a legal issue, they often turn to online searches to find the right lawyer to help them with their case. While online search allows for immediate results with a few keystrokes, there is still a noticeable disconnect and lack of real-time interaction that can potentially deter people from contacting you and your firm. It is likely that you have spent considerable amounts of money developing your web presence and marketing your site, so a potential lead that is not captured is a marketing dollar spent and lost.

The reason why so many attorneys have integrated live chat into their websites is that they have seen the results in real-time. Live chat allows you to build rapport with your potential clients, gives them real-time interaction that you cannot provide alone, and captures leads in a way that an in-house team often cannot. If you are looking to turn those valuable website clicks into conversions, there are few options as useful and as affordable as the live chat services for attorneys.

Live chat can be a powerful addition to your service and intake strategy. Three main benefits of live chat include:

  • Client Convenience – Live chat is an extremely convenient way for your clients and potential clients to interact with your firm. Whether it is in the middle of the night or if they are chatting with you in the middle of the workday, they can give you information about themselves and their case without having to pick up the phone and dial your number. For people with extremely sensitive legal issues, live chat allows for anonymity until the client feels comfortable divulging personal and identifying information.
  • Capture Your Leads – You’ve spent the money on marketing, so why not maximize your return on investment by ensuring that you are capturing every lead possible? While phone calls and contact forms are great, there is a reason why so many attorneys say that live chat has increased their lead volume by leaps and bounds. With a dependable chat service like Ngage, you can capture the case details and contact information from qualified clients day and night. All you have to do is vet the case and sign them up!
  • Get the Edge on Your Competitors – We all know that people have many choices when it comes to selecting an attorney to assist them with their case. By providing a convenient, client-friendly option to connect with the firm, you can potentially capture that lead and keep them from leaving your site to contact your competitors.

When it comes to maximizing your marketing and lead generation efforts, few tools are as essential to capturing leads like live chat. There is a reason why so many attorneys have chosen Ngage Live Chat as their preferred provider, and many will tell you that the superior quality of their chats, the fast delivery of leads, and the excellent customer support is what sets them apart.


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2 responses to “The Benefits of Adding Live Chat to Your Site and Blog”

  • Great information you gave that we can also add live chat to our blogs so that I can improve my blog. Can you help me how to implement on my blog.

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