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Lawyers: Are You Guilty of Missing Out on These Twitter Opportunities?

In my previous post, we focused on how to optimize the opportunities found on the layout of your Facebook page and LinkedIn page to best support your brand. Today, we are going to focus on Twitter. While Twitter does not provide as many opportunities or as much space to promote your firm as Facebook does, there are ways to use this social media tool to your advantage.

Let’s begin analyzing the layout of your Twitter profile from top to bottom:


Profile Picture

The recommended image size for your profile picture is 400px x 400px. Twitter will resize this image to 200px x 200px. Make sure your picture is clear and any writing is easy to read. We recommend that you use your law firm’s logo in this space since the image appears right above your name. This easily assimilates your logo to your law firm’s name and handle.

Cover Photo

The recommended image size for your Twitter cover photo is 1500px x 500px. We recommend that you use a landscape photo from your website that includes your marketing message. You want people to quickly and visually understand who you are, what you do, and how you can help them.


This field has a 20-character limit. The best recommendation is to use your law firm’s name or some variation of it. If your law firm’s name is longer than 20 characters (let’s say your firm has 5 partners), we recommend abbreviating to the first letter of your partners’ last names and add “law firm” (e.g., “ABCDE Law Firm”). If you are a niche-related law firm (like the example above), or have multiple Twitter profiles based on your practice, you might also try to use a name that is geared more toward what services your firm provides.


This field has a 15-character limit. This is probably the most difficult to choose since there will be other accounts with similar names. Once again, the best recommendation is to use your law firm’s name or some variation. If you are a niche-related law firm (like the example above), or have multiple Twitter profiles based on your practice, you might also try to use a handle that is geared more toward what services your firm provides.


Much like a Tweet, your Bio section is limited to a maximum of 160 characters. You can use this section to quickly fortify your marketing message. As you can see from the example below, we also recommend adding a quick way to contact you.



We recommend that you put the exact city, state of your office location (e.g., New York, NY). If you have multiple office locations within a state, we recommend that you put your state, USA (e.g. New York, USA). Unfortunately, if you have multiple offices in multiple states, Twitter does not allow multiple state locations to be listed, so choose the best location for the users you wish to target. Remember, users can click on the location to get other news based on that location on Twitter.


It is very easy just to send people to your homepage, but what you really want to do is to send people to the page that reinforces your marketing message. In this example, we have a firm who assists 9/11 first responders and residents through the Victim Compensation Fund. Our Bio speaks about how the firm has helped recover more than $1 billion for injured WTC first responders, construction workers and local residents. Instead of sending the user to the homepage, we send them directly to their Verdicts & Settlements page, so those users can see the awards that the firm was able to receive for their clients.

If you are a sole practitioner, we recommend that you use your Attorney Profile or your specific Practice Area page. If you are a law firm with multiple partners, we recommend that you use your Firm Profile or Practice Areas page.

Verify Your Twitter Account

You can read my post on the “Steps to Verify Your Law Firm’s Twitter Account” to see what the qualifications and necessary steps are to verify your firm’s Twitter account. Do not try to verify your account until you have posted some original content (not curated content) for an extended period of time.

Make your Twitter profile work for you!

Despite limited informational capabilities, Twitter does offer opportunities to provide information about your firm so that users can learn more about you. The more a user knows about you, the easier it is to help them in their decision-making process. Take advantage of these simple opportunities on Twitter today!


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