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    Legal intake is complex. How many types of cases do you handle, and what are the unique requirements of each type of case? Which types are high priorities, and what kinds of cases do you prefer not to handle? How are you filtering those leads? The more complexity you require, the more important it becomes […]

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    VIRTUAL RECEPTIONIST OR PHONE ANSWERING SERVICE As you get more client leads, answering the phone takes up a good amount of your time.  You don’t want calls going to voicemail because that will equal lost business. A virtual receptionist or a professional phone service will answer calls, take messages, live transfer calls for you on […]

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    As an attorney, you need to spend your valuable time helping clients and on billable activities.  Most law practices have more legal cases to process than they can handle.  Most firms are not able to meet the deadlines and as a result, the cases get delayed. To compensate for the lack of resources, it is […]

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  • How Proper Phone Etiquette Adds Value to Your Firm

    Potential clients have one thing in common;  they are not aware of the quality of your legal work.  They do not have the background to judge the strengths of your oral arguments or the written briefs or the way your attorneys present themselves in court.    All they know about your law firm and your legal […]

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  • The Importance of Phone Etiquette

    A small law firm or solo practitioner might consider hiring a phone answering service to ensure they don’t miss valuable calls, but sometimes automated answering services are a mistake for attorneys.   You may be inclined to save money and time, but it’s worth the extra cost to have a legal receptionist and dedicated phone […]

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  • Why Attorneys Should Care About the Sales Lifecycle

    One common mistake some firms and lawyers make is overestimating how unique or specialized their team and services are compared to the rest of the landscape. The legal space is crowded, and with dozens of firms competing for a client’s business, ignoring essential marketing efforts and the value of establishing and tracking a sales cycle […]

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  • Managing and Tracking Your Leads

    While most lawyers recognize the importance of managing their cases, not every firm has a grasp on how to efficiently manage and track their leads. In recent years, case management software like Clio, Rocket Matter, and MyCase have become essential tools for task management and case organization. You track client matters, follow schedules, record time, […]

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  • Creating A Solid Intake Process

    The intake process for any law practice or organization serves as the critical point of entry for new clients. The first meeting or consultation with a prospective client is where you get to make that all-important first impression on them. The intake process, however, usually begins at or before the first client meeting and may […]

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  • Why Legal Intake Is Important

    To convert leads into paying clients, attorneys should evaluate the strength of their intake process. Whether you are a sole practitioner, boutique firm, or if you are a large firm with many locations, you probably are spending money on marketing.  If you are paying for billboards, ads, or are investing in digital marketing, it is […]

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