How to staff your intake process

How to Staff Your Intake Process


The best legal marketing in the world would be meaningless without a sound process for client intake. Developing an effective strategy and properly staffing your client intake can be a challenge, but is an important aspect of making the most of the leads that come through the door for your firm. A good intake process […]

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Blogging to build trust for attorneys

Blogging to Build Trust: How Attorneys Can Benefit


Not all lawyers make blogging a priority in marketing their firms. But an independent survey recently conducted by afflinet, a well-respected performance marketing network, found that people trust bloggers more than journalists, their social media contacts, and their colleagues. So, as professionals who rely on building and maintaining trust, attorneys would be well served by […]

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Tips for Getting Exposure for Your Blog

Tips for Getting Exposure for Your Blog


You’ve been convinced of the importance of having a blog, and have an understanding of how to write a blog post, but now you may be wondering if the time you invest in your blog will be worth it. Sure, your family and friends read your posts with enthusiasm, but how do you reach outside […]

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Five Ways a Blog Directly Benefits Your Law Practice


Blogging! Who has time? And who reads that stuff, anyway? Finding reasons not to blog is easier than spending money on vacation. How do you justify putting your billable time there when you get enough new clients through word of mouth, anyway? Well, word of mouth is now called “social media.” And chances are your […]

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How Law Firms can Use LinkedIn to Generate Leads


Act-On has put together a great resource for businesses titled 10 Things B2B Companies Should Be Doing on LinkedIn. Of the 10 tips they provide, three stand out as being particularly effective and attainable for law firms. Taking just one action from each of these tips could improve your firm’s new business potential. The best […]

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