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  • Are Attorneys “People”?

    In short, yes. They are also “persons,” “counselors,” and even “human beings.” So what am I getting at? When you write legal content, its text, urls, titles and other metadata, and both internal and external links need to contain the terms “lawyer” or “attorney” as keywords. These are important because they’re the terms people will […]

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  • Headline do's and don'ts for law firm websites

    Headings on Your Website Pages: Do’s and Don’ts

    As we discussed in detail in our previous blog post, visitors to your website tend to use very specific patterns when reading your content. Moving in what’s known as an “F-pattern,” they pay most attention to the top-left corner of a page, along with headings, subheadings and introductory paragraphs. We would like to focus now […]

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  • How readers scan a page

    How Readers Scan Your Page

    Whenever you’re creating content for your website or blog, it’s important to understand how your readers will actually consume that content. In a recent post, we outlined the two stages of reading — first comes scanning, followed by more in-depth reading. What we have not yet covered is how visitors to your site are likely […]

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