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  • Online Legal Directories: A Key Law Firm Marketing Strategy

    More than 78 percent of consumers looking for an attorney start their search online. Even with a friend’s referral in hand, consumers turn to the internet to verify the credentials and reputation of the attorney’s name they received. With 1.3 million attorneys nationwide, how do you ensure consumers find you? Download the free guide: The […]

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  • Focus on the Five W’s for Effective Web Content

    So you’ve had a website created, with a smashing design and attention-grabbing images. But when it comes to the content on your site, where do you begin in capturing the essence of your firm and its services for potential clients? Writing impactful website content comes down to the five W’s: who, what, where, when and […]

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  • you have 10 seconds webinar

    You Have 10 Seconds to Convince Visitors to Stay – Webinar

    When people with a legal issue arrive at your website, you only have a few seconds to grab their attention and convince them that they’ve come to the right place. Once you’ve jumped that hurdle, you need to show them why they should hire you. Learn how to create content that connects with the clients […]

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  • They’re Not Just for Restaurants and Razors – Webinar

    In a recent poll of 500 legal professionals, 97% responded “yes” to “Have online reviews ever impacted your purchasing decisions?” Online reviews now apply to more than just hotels, restaurants and consumer goods – they have become critical in winning new clients. More than 80% of consumers check lawyer reviews as their first step in […]

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  • Proven website strategies webinar

    Proven Website Strategies to Attract the Right Client – Webinar

    Your law firm website is generating traffic, so why aren’t you getting the clients you want?  In a lively discussion, lawyers Bryan Salamone and David Joffe discuss with Martindale-Hubbell’s own Felice Daddario and Frank Grippo strategies for defining, attracting and engaging your target audience to bring the right clients in the door. You’ll learn how […]

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  • Basic analytics for law firm websites

    Basics of Analytics for Law Firm Websites Part I: The “Bookend” Data Sets

    If someone asked you whether you had received a client from your website during the past 30 days, would you know the answer?  Surprisingly, when we asked roughly 500 webinar participants this exact question, more than a quarter of them indicated they had no idea. You invested in a website so it would help grow […]

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