Do’s and Don’ts – Responding to Client Feedback


The way you choose to acknowledge client feedback is very telling – it’s a preview for your potential clients about what to expect should they hire you. Are you responsive and dependable? Do you care about client service? Keep these Do’s and Don’ts in mind when responding to your clients’ reviews. Don’t: Ignore It Do: […]

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Social Media Success in 5 Minutes a Day


Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, personal blogs—the list of social media platforms grows more expansive by the day. As important as these networks are to legal practices, few attorneys feel like they have sufficient time to maintain their pages, especially since success seems to demand hours of daily attention. Many lawyers who relish the opportunity to […]

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Setting a Social Media Strategy


According to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center in 2016, approximately 69% of Americans use some form of social media. The widespread use of social media today makes it an ideal platform to expand your law practice and recruit new clients. However, the growth of social media users has also meant growth in […]

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