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As a bankruptcy attorney, you need to be prepared for the seasonal swings of business that inevitably occur each year. For those practicing bankruptcy law, the ebb-and-flow of filings is more pronounced than other practice areas.  Without a doubt, the beginning of the year—the dreaded tax season—sees the most bankruptcies. The highest number of total bankruptcy filings in the U. S. for 2014 was in April. In fact, bankruptcy filings consistently top out in the beginning part of the calendar year.

It should come as no surprise that the first place most people turn when searching for legal help is the internet. The immediate return of results and the ability to anonymously research each option is appealing to individuals who are facing a stressful situation like a serious financial strain.  Savvy legal marketers have invested considerable resources into search engine optimization efforts in order to appear higher in the results, and gain valuable clicks from motivated clients.

Once a prospective client clicks on the site, however, it is important to once again consider the factors that make client-conversion more convenient and therefore, more likely.  A person considering bankruptcy typically values anonymity in the early stages of researching his or her options and may not wish to disclose the details of their situation in person or over the phone.  In addition, statistics show that the majority of inquiries come during the week (with Monday being especially busy), during business hours, while the individuals are behind the desk at work.  With this tax season quickly approaching its peak, it is in your best interest to consider what form of communication is most convenient and effective for your prospective clients to reach you.  It is also essential to have your intake processes ready to capture leads and close business during the busy season. 

For many bankruptcy lawyers, live chat is a necessary tool for capturing leads and signing up new clients, due to its unique qualities of anonymity and quiet convenience.  With the prospective client sitting in a cubicle or at a desk surrounded by co-workers and supervisors, a live-chat option on your site becomes a conveniently quiet and anonymous form of communication. A prospect can discreetly disclose specifics about their financial situation and can remain anonymous until they feel comfortable divulging their personal information.  Additional features like click-to-call and the ability to text-chat also help connect the client to your firm quickly and effectively.

During tax season, live chat provides an accessible and discreet avenue for your potential clients to reach you and get the help they need.  With the highest conversion rate in the industry, Ngage provides a proven, cost-effective way to make sure prospective clients reach you when they’re ready to hire. Over 7000 legal sites rely on Ngage Live Chat to make sure their firm is always open for business.

Contact us today to learn more about Ngage and how we can help you deal with the ‘bankruptcy season’.


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