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Better Ads Experience Program Designed to Improve Consumers’ Online Experience

Late last year Google announced that it will block desktop pop-up ads starting February 15th to conform to the Better Ads Experience Program (BEAP). This program strives to improve consumers’ online ad experience by pushing for the elimination of the most disruptive ads.

While live chat is not an advertisement, it functions like a pop-up.  Savvy live chat providers have already modified and thoroughly tested their chat invitations to conform to the BEAP ahead of the February 15 deadline. Their clients have indicated they prefer the new designs because they are engaging without taking over the entire screen like a pop-up.  Website visitors can still view the phone number, branding, and navigation, in addition to the chat invitation.

Most importantly from the live chat’s clients’ perspective, these modified formats maintain a high level of conversion.  Visitors still retain control of their browsing experience and the live chat invitations meet the BEAP standards.

Ngage Live Chat introduced its modified desktop Live Chat to clients on January 23.  To learn more about how Ngage helps its clients stay ahead of the curve, give us a call at 866-201-8169.

Mark Shepherd.


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