Ethics for attorneys in the age of social media


While some attorneys still swear by television, billboard, and snail-mail advertising, it is impossible to deny that the internet and social media are extremely effective vehicles for advertising your legal services. The immediate access to an attentive audience online is too valuable to ignore, but it is important to consider the ethical pitfalls that can […]

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Martindale-Hubbell Donates to Cynthia Holcomb Magic Shoe Foundation

Martindale-Hubbell Sneakering Through to Win


In conjunction with Martindale-HubbellⓇ, Internet BrandsⓇ donated over 500 lightly worn athletic shoes for The Cynthia Holcomb Magic Shoe Foundation. The Cynthia Holcomb Magic Shoe Foundation collects gently worn athletic shoes, which are then then cleaned and refurbished.The foundation distributes these shoes to individuals in need so they can start or continue their running ambitions. […]

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