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  • Better Ads Experience Program Designed to Improve Consumers’ Online Experience

    Late last year Google announced that it will block desktop pop-up ads starting February 15th to conform to the Better Ads Experience Program (BEAP). This program strives to improve consumers’ online ad experience by pushing for the elimination of the most disruptive ads. While live chat is not an advertisement, it functions like a pop-up. […]

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  • How Does Ngage Live Chat Work?

    Offering your website visitors the ability to engage in a live chat set you apart from the competition. It helps reduce your website bounce rates, improve your conversion rate and offers visitors to your site immediate service 24/7/365. Live chat is a simple addition to your site that can double the number of leads you get […]

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  • Combine Live Chat and Phone Calls to Increase Leads

    Turning prospects into cases is probably the most important job performed at your firm. No amount of skill or successful cases will make a difference if you do not have clients walking through your door. Unfortunately, attorneys often overlook the importance of their conversion techniques and may not even know what they should do to convert leads. […]

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  • Ngage Facebook Messenger Integration

    Ngage Live Chat offers the ability to integrate directly with Facebook messenger on your company’s Facebook page.  What this means is, if someone clicks on the Facebook messenger option, it will go directly to an Ngage chat operator, 24/7. Once the chat is completed the operator converts and delivers the opportunity the same way as a […]

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  • Google Local Listing Lets You Receive Texts

    Google introduces another way for law firms to engage prospective clients. Google recently launched the ability for consumers to send texts directly from a law firm’s Google My Business listing.  This allows prospective clients to initiate text conversations directly from their mobile search results.  More than 60% of searches now take place on mobile devices, […]

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  • Best Practices for Screening Potential Clients for your Law Firm

    The process of obtaining clients can be a source of stress for many lawyers, especially for small firms or firms that are just starting out. While it pains many lawyers to turn away business, it is important to properly pre-screen clients to avoid the headaches that come with clients who are not a good fit […]

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  • Using Google’s New Text-Enabled Ads to Increase Conversions

    Ever invite a friend to dinner, or asked them about the best hotels in New York City? Chances are you did so through mobile messaging. In fact, nearly two-thirds of smartphone owners use messaging more than five times a day to communicate with others. And people aren’t limiting their use of messaging to social communications […]

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