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  • Virtual Assistants for Law Firms: Benefits, Drawbacks, and Trends

    Customer service, clerical work, social media management, and office maintenance are all tasks that are typically handled by a lawyer’s office staff, but many attorneys often find themselves saddled with these assignments for one reason or another. Solo law practices can rarely afford to hire a full-time receptionist. Budgetary constraints can also impact smaller law […]

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  • Ngage Facebook Messenger Integration

    Ngage Live Chat offers the ability to integrate directly with Facebook messenger on your company’s Facebook page.  What this means is, if someone clicks on the Facebook messenger option, it will go directly to an Ngage chat operator, 24/7. Once the chat is completed the operator converts and delivers the opportunity the same way as a […]

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  • Google Local Listing Lets You Receive Texts

    Google introduces another way for law firms to engage prospective clients. Google recently launched the ability for consumers to send texts directly from a law firm’s Google My Business listing.  This allows prospective clients to initiate text conversations directly from their mobile search results.  More than 60% of searches now take place on mobile devices, […]

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  • 3 Simple Email Nurturing Tips for Client Retention

    In a previous article, we covered the importance and overall process of Nurturing Prospects into a Thriving Client Base. We learned that 90%+ of your initial leads may not be ready to retain you immediately – even after you are able to connect with them. This is where email marketing can help you get in […]

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  • Using Google’s New Text-Enabled Ads to Increase Conversions

    Ever invite a friend to dinner, or asked them about the best hotels in New York City? Chances are you did so through mobile messaging. In fact, nearly two-thirds of smartphone owners use messaging more than five times a day to communicate with others. And people aren’t limiting their use of messaging to social communications […]

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