Where Did Our Google Client Reviews Go?


Have you ever noticed that your firm’s Google listing has fewer reviews than it did in the past? Or that a specific review from a satisfied client seems to have disappeared? You aren’t seeing things.  Google has instituted filtering programs for the reviews on its Google My Business listings which will remove reviews they believe […]

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The Effect of Ridesharing on DUI


The advent of ridesharing services such as Uber, Lyft, and the countless others that have sprung up in the wake of the app-to-service model, have been hailed as ultra-convenient and affordable alternatives to traditional transportation like taxis and buses, but have also been criticized for their aggressive business tactics and competitiveness in their attempts to […]

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Making Online Reviews Work For You — Common Myths About Reviews


While the Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Ratings have existed for well over 100 years, many lawyers are still getting used to the idea of being reviewed by fellow attorneys or their clients. We regularly speak to attorneys who are interested but apprehensive about engaging with online reviews, or definitively state they have no need for reviews […]

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Online reviews

Making Online Reviews Work for You: Is a 5.0 the Right Goal?


In a recent study, Northwestern University’s Spiegel Digital and Database Research Center analyzed how online reviews can impact consumers’ purchasing decisions. While legal services were not included in the study, the findings are illuminating, particularly in two aspects: Finding:  As you might expect, the higher the scores a product received, the more likely someone was […]

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Making Online Reviews Work for You, Part 2

Making Online Reviews Work For You, Part II – Save T.H.E.M.


In our last post, we discussed the importance of responding to reviews and what to consider when crafting a response.  Today, we will discuss the techniques to consider when responding to reviews, both positive and negative. This post was co-authored by Lia Smith, VP of Education and Marketing at Satisfacts. The Save T.H.E.M. Technique Timing, […]

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Making Online Reviews Work for You, Part 1

Making Online Reviews Work For You, Part I – Responding to Reviews


We’ve written before about the benefits of online reviews for lawyers and law firms. Once you have peer and client reviews, it’s just as important, if not more important, to respond to them. This post will explain why responding to reviews strengthens your online presence. Next week, we will provide further details about how to respond […]

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They’re Not Just for Restaurants and Razors – Webinar


In a recent poll of 500 legal professionals, 97% responded “yes” to “Have online reviews ever impacted your purchasing decisions?” Online reviews now apply to more than just hotels, restaurants and consumer goods – they have become critical in winning new clients. More than 80% of consumers check lawyer reviews as their first step in […]

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Myths of the Martindale Peer Review


Fatigued, he completes his climb of the narrow, spiraling staircase.  The tower’s 14th century design was intended to mirror London’s Lincoln Cathedral, once considered the largest building in the world.  Now that he’s reached the top, the only thing that stands between this attorney of 20-plus years and judicial preeminence is a massive wooden door.  He […]

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