Keep It Simple: Your Law Blog Should Be on Your Firm’s Domain


A common question we receive from attorneys who are just getting started with their blogging efforts is whether they should host the blog on the firm’s domain or on a separate domain. For example, imagine there’s a Cincinnati-based law firm called Thomas & Jones Law, and the firm’s website URL is The attorneys may […]

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To Share, or Not to Share?


One of the most important components of online marketing for a law firm is blogging. If your firm has multiple attorneys focusing a variety of practice areas, you may be wondering: should each attorney have his or her own separate blog, or should your firm have one main blog to which each attorney posts at […]

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Powerful Website Platform Adapts to Meet Law Firms’ Marketing Needs


When challenged by the legal industry’s demand for adaptable, attractive websites at a competitive price, our designers and developers at Martindale-Hubbell surpassed expectations in creating a platform whose versatility is its strength — allowing flexibility based on client feedback and the changing market, which benefits thousands of attorneys. During a recent discussion, team leaders explained […]

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How To Do a Basic Competitive Analysis Without Spending a Dime


Check Out These Free Tools to See What Your Competition Is Doing Whether you’re just starting out, or have been in the game for a while, completing a competitive analysis is crucial to finding out what’s happening in your niche, which is paramount to your success. The concept of doing a competitive analysis is pretty […]

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Headline do's and don'ts for law firm websites

Headings on Your Website Pages: Do’s and Don’ts


As we discussed in detail in our previous blog post, visitors to your website tend to use very specific patterns when reading your content. Moving in what’s known as an “F-pattern,” they pay most attention to the top-left corner of a page, along with headings, subheadings and introductory paragraphs. We would like to focus now […]

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Strong Marketing Statements Make a Powerful Impression

Strong Marketing Statements Make a Quick, Powerful Impression


Online engagement hinges almost exclusively on making an immediate impact. That means when people looking to hire a lawyer visit your site, they need to know right away what your firm can do for them. That’s where a carefully crafted marketing statement comes in — grabbing readers’ attention in just a few words. Your marketing […]

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How readers scan a page

How Readers Scan Your Page


Whenever you’re creating content for your website or blog, it’s important to understand how your readers will actually consume that content. In a recent post, we outlined the two stages of reading — first comes scanning, followed by more in-depth reading. What we have not yet covered is how visitors to your site are likely […]

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You’ll Read This Quickly Before You Read it Carefully


Every word on your law firm’s website is important: the impressions that consumers get from reading your content can make or break your business. You also have to put the key information in exactly the right places, because most people will hardly read your content. But hold on — your prospects read your website very […]

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Focus on the Five W’s for Effective Web Content


So you’ve had a website created, with a smashing design and attention-grabbing images. But when it comes to the content on your site, where do you begin in capturing the essence of your firm and its services for potential clients? Writing impactful website content comes down to the five W’s: who, what, where, when and […]

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