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How Your Current Web Traffic Affects The Types Of Opportunities You Receive

Attorneys know that analytics are invaluable for tracking the success of their marketing efforts. Those who are technically savvy may track their website’s analytics and may monitor their social media views, likes, and shares as carefully as they follow intake and progress of their cases. Social media has taught us that views and likes are a strong sign of popularity, but when it comes to leads for your practice, an increase in web traffic may not always translate to clients.

One naturally assumes that a spike in traffic or a steady flow of visitors is a good thing. Conversely, if you know that very few people are visiting your site, no one is engaging with your blog, and no one is following your social media profiles, you may conclude that your online marketing efforts are not working.

Your website’s traffic numbers do not tell the whole story, however. Many attorneys miss an evaluation of the type and quality of traffic they are receiving. Are you driving viewers who are merely visiting, or are you reaching people who may be potential clients? A closer analysis of the type of traffic visiting your site will often reveal critical information that will help you ensure you receive the right kinds of opportunities.

Start by reviewing where your traffic is coming from. Is the traffic coming from your social media profiles? Google or another search engine? A news outlet or other reputable source? By analyzing the source of the traffic, you can better judge if people are coming to your site for entertainment, education, or a genuine interest in your services.

Next analyze where the visitors landed on your site. Did they go to your homepage? Were they interested in a specific practice area? Is it evident that they were visiting an entertaining blog that you posted instead of your professional services pages? Where a client lands on your site can tell you a lot about their interest level in your services.

Finally, look at the behavior of your visitors once they land on your site. Did they land on the homepage and then view the attorney bios? A visitor like this wants to learn more about you. Did they land on your blog, read an interesting post, and then leave? This type of visitor may  not have be interested in hiring an attorney, at this not at this time.

Ultimately the type of visitors your marketing efforts send to your site will have a noticeable impact on the types of conversion opportunities you get. (To learn more about how to drive the right traffic to your site, listen to our webinar: Proven Website Strategies to Attract the Right Clients.) By analyzing your website’s traffic and digging into the analytics, you can evaluate what marketing efforts are working and which ones may be sending traffic, but not clients, to your site.


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